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[S2E13] Quality Time


Janet is annoyed with Michael who feels that, after spending time with her, he's entitled to time alone - an opinion shared by the marriage counselors they end up seeing, much to Janet's further frustration. Meanwhile, Jr. wonders why Claire suddenly wants to hang out with him and his friends.

Did you know NC Christmas trees have been to the Whitehouse 14 times as the official Blue Room Christmas Tree How does this happen Rusty explained how the State and National Christmas Contest operates. It is not a simple process; again, more in the episode.

Larry is an emotional man. He went on to talk about his family. He teared up when he spoke about his grandfather and wished the people he loved could be there with him. I had no tissues this time and I really needed them.

After the double is brought to sickbay for treatment, Lt. Commander Data and Chief Engineer La Forge power up the shuttle, after lengthy delays due to unexpected technical incompatibility. It is then discovered that the shuttle's internal clock is about six hours ahead of the ship's chronometer which means that the shuttle, and therefore Picard's double, is from six hours into the future. They recover a very poor quality sensor log video that shows the Enterprise falling into an energy vortex and being destroyed after the shuttle is launched.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pulaski determines that the incoherent double's biological functions are out of sync, but are improving as the future Picard draws nearer to his own time. Picard orders that his future self be revived, but is unsuccessful in extracting any information from him. Picard is disquieted at the idea that he would abandon his ship and its crew.

Maurice Hurley, who wrote the teleplay, wanted to write a time travel story that took place over only six hours, instead of the longer periods usually found. The story was originally meant to feature Q as the ultimate antagonist, but Gene Roddenberry disallowed it. The name of the shuttlepod, a lower budget alternative to the shuttlecraft, was named for Farouk El-Baz, a NASA scientist.[1]

Zack Handlen of The A.V. Club rated the episode A- and wrote that the episode has "a few dull pockets", but "the final scenes between the two Picards rank among my favorites of anything we've yet seen on the show", further explaining that "this is the first time we've really seen how far [Picard will] go to do what's necessary."[2] rated it 2 out of 10.[3]

In the anti matter room, Alec and Kiera is reunited and she tells him that Travis is dead. Kellogg enters too. Kiera asks if Alec can do this, bring him home, he hopes so. Kiera puts the last piece in and Alec tells her that he will send her back to the time before she left. She worries that there might be two of her and it might mess up the time continuum. Alec gets it to work and Keira is about to thank Alec when Escher comes in and Alec has betrayed her.

In the present, the Freelancers stop Escher and Kiera tells the freelancers to send her home to restore the timeline and will destroy the time travel device. But one of the freelancers tell her there would still be a glitch in the time line and it is her and is about to shoot her. Alec removes the time travel device and we see from the pilot Liber8 and Kiera go back in time.

So from what we can believe the Freelancers are the good guys out to ensure the time line is preserved. But where exactly are Kiera and company and what timeline are they in Also, where is Alec What does Carlos and Betty joining Julian and his movement mean

I just watched it and its like they pulled out all the stops creativity wise to bring the best episode of the entire series.It was about time! I just wish they did it more often.They have finally made time travel really interesting.

Kiera would be the glitch if their future was the result of liber8 going back previously and setting up the whole future of 2077 that Sadler found a way, through Kiera to circumvent. Her presence in our time meant that Alec did something to gum up the future and we saw him do just that when he took himself where/whenever.

I thought Alec had gone to the future (before the initial time jump) so he could collaborate with Kira and stop everyone ever traveling back. This would essentially change the fact they are all locked up in the cages and Emily wouldnt be working with Esher (to stop Cameron). So by going forward he save Emilyand Keria never travels or is seprated.from her family and the liber8 terrorists all die in the execution.

3) In the basement scene, one of the Freelancers was going to shoot Kiera before getting distracted by the time device opening up. Alec went to jump BUT the freelancer did fire a shot into the beam- so what happened

I actually thought that the end bit where Kiera is drugged and Figure8 are in boxes / Where Carlos goes to the farm with Betty etc, is the timeline being rewritten from them having not arrived and created chaos, but instead having arrived and been imprisoned by the Freelancers for messing with the timeline

This was the most stupid thing I have read in centuries.The freelancers are the good guys, because they defend the timelineA shitty timeline where the world becomes an autocracy and people have no freedomAnybody trying to preserve that is a terrorist.

Meanwhile, La Forge and Data apply a variable phase inverter to the shuttle to try and extract the logs from it. After an adjustment fails, Data suggests doing the opposite of the previous procedure, and the power comes back online. La Forge sees that the stardate on the shuttle's onboard chronometer is six hours in the future and deduces that the other Picard must also be from that time.

Pulaski theorizes that as they move closer to the time in which the other Picard left, his internal body clock is realigning, and that when normal time intersects with the time in which he left, for that instant he would begin to function normally and there will be two Picards. Troi begins to feel emotion from the future Picard and realizes that his one wish is to urgently leave the Enterprise.

In his ready room, Picard now debates with Commander Riker as to how and why the other Picard traveled through time, bringing up the slingshot effect around a star, The Traveler, and Paul Manheim's experiments with time. Riker suggests that Picard suppress his natural tendencies to try and save the Enterprise from decisions he may make and not to second-guess himself.

"Tiny" was co-written by producers Christine Boylan and Kalinda Vazquez. Homeland vet Guy Ferland served as the installment's director. This marks the second time that Jorge Garcia and Jennifer Morrison have worked together. The other was on How I Met Your Mother season 6 episode 10 Blitzgiving

This episode was the lowest rated in the series' run to that point (taking that distinction from the previous outing), in part because it was up against both the 2013 Grammy Awards (which saw a major drop in its numbers from its 2012 telecast but nevertheless won the night) and the return of The Walking Dead. "Tiny" earned a 2.2/5 among 18-49s and had only 7.02 million viewers tuning in, making it the third most watched program of the night for the second time this season.[1] In addition, a winter storm left portions of the eastern United States without power, which might have affected the ratings for all Sunday evening programming nationwide.[2]

Entertainment Weekly critic Hilary Busis gave it a mildly good review, but added, "Like 'In the Name of the Brother,' it spent precious time giving backstory about a character who didn't really need more backstory; also like Once's previous episode, it did little to move season 2's master plot forward. But hey: At least we got more goofy-looking Giant Land CGI!"[3] The Huffington Post's Laura Prudom liked the episode and cited Josh Dallas's performance as Prince James and Jorge Garcia's return as Anton among the best highlights in the outing.[4]

Enraged by the loss of perhaps the only woman he ever loved, Daredevil counter-attacks and begins to fend off the remaining ninjas. His task is made easier by some well-aimed shots from across the street. Frank Castle is back, this time in his customary full Punisher garb.

They wasted no time confirming that Charles was dead, and we wouldn't spend the hour with a touch-n-go situation where they drew it out. Tommy called his death herself, and it's hard to say if it made it better or worse that she's the one who was there to find him and state it.

It's a point of discussion that the series has a way of, shall we say, shoehorning Owen into every circumstance whether it calls for it or not. Owen happened to be at the hospital at the same time as Tommy.

The 911 call was as heartbreaking the second time around as the first, and neither Grace nor Judd could contain themselves. The couples were close, so Charles' death is going to rock their lives, too.

Over at GCPD Headquarters, Chief Rojas is pulling out all the stops to nab all the costumed crazies, Batman included. For some reason, Yin decides that this time he means real business, so she goes off to warn Batman, which of course directly leads to her getting busted.

To make things worse, this is how both Punch & Judy and the Kabuki Twins get taken out, leaving only their bosses eligible for the third-act showdown. Another casualty of the plot-to-runtime ratio, I suppose, but they seriously deserved better than this. 59ce067264


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