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Tanita Bc 418 Software Download

Tanita Bc 418 Software Download ===

The iBalance SmartTouch software automates the performing of two different kind of balance tests. The tests include standard Romberg test with stable and unstable platform as well as Limits Of Stability. With the iBalance SmartTouch software results can be stored in the database for later analysis or they can be integrated with HUR SmartTouch solution to provide access to the analysis from the HUR SmartTouch web application. The iBalance SmartTouch is designed to work with the trapezoid BTG4, BT4, and BT3 Balance Platforms.

In addition to the testing side the user is also able to perform a variety of trainings ranging from maze to chase trainers where the goal is to improve your balance. As a new feature in the software the user is also able to play a Tux Racer game using the balance platform.

The HUR Labs Body Composition Analyser software suite has been designed to be used together with Tanita body composition analysers. The BCA-software suite will speed up the testing and allow saving of results to the PC. It is easy to compare test results over time and motivate the customer to e.g weight control and exercise. The results can be printed out using your regular printer. The reports feature both numerical and graphical results compared to normative data. Using the BCA-software suite you can store and compare e.g. the following values ( recorder values depend on the analyser model)

ThePerformance Recorder software is a powerful tool to store, analyse and compare tests made with your Performance Recorder as well as managing the group/person database. Performance Recorder Software Suite is designed to work with both Performance Recorder units 9100 and 9200.

Easily connected via RS232C or USB, the TIGMON Health Monitoring software is a database capable of storing client/patient information together with their measurements.It will also provide professional reports and printouts, trend analysis of composition measurements against time and much more.

Our GMON Pro - Health Monitoring software was developed especially for the demands of professional usage and so it is possible to extend and modify it individually, depending on the requirements of your costumer- or patient service. Also at GMON Pro the constant monitoring of the important body values and the early knowledge of dangerous changes in the health situation are foregrounded. Because of the modular software structure it is possible to extend GMON Pro by additional registers whenever you like. We are pleased to inform you about the possibilities here.

If you could not find the exact driver for your hardware device or you aren't sure which driver is right one, we have a program that will detect your hardware specifications and identify the correct driver for your needs. Please click here to download.

Four female subjects, including an FPLD2 subject (LMNA R482Q), an FPLD3 subject (PPARG F388L), and two control subjects were selected for MRI and analysis. MRI scans of subjects were performed on a 1.5T GE MR Medical system, with 17 transaxial slices comprising a 51 mm section obtained in both the mid-calf and mid-thigh regions. Using ImageJ 1.34 n software, analysis of raw MR images involved the creation of a connectedness map of the subcutaneous adipose tissue contours within the lower limb segment from a user-defined seed point. Quantification of the adipose tissue was then obtained after thresholding the connected map and counting the voxels (volumetric pixels) present within the specified region.

Analysis of the MRI stack images and measurements of subcutaneous adipose tissue was done by a single observer using analysis protocols developed in our laboratories (Figure 3). For each MRI data set acquired, the subcutaneous adipose tissue volume was quantified using ImageJ version 1.34 n image analysis software [9], specifically utilizing the Connected Threshold Grower and Voxel Counter tools. Subcutaneous adipose tissue was defined as the adipose tissue that circulated t


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