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Igo Primo 800x480 Windows Ce 6.0 Download

How to Download and Install iGO Primo on Windows CE 6.0 Devices

If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use GPS navigation software for your Windows CE 6.0 device, you might want to consider iGO Primo. iGO Primo is a popular and feature-rich navigation software that offers high-quality maps, accurate routing, voice guidance, speed camera alerts, 3D landmarks, and more. In this article, we will show you how to download and install iGO Primo on your Windows CE 6.0 device with a resolution of 800x480 pixels. You will need a SD card or a resident flash memory with at least 2 GB of free space, and a compatible device that can run Windows CE 6.0 applications.

Download Zip:

Step 1: Download iGO Primo

There are several versions of iGO Primo available online, but not all of them are compatible with Windows CE 6.0 devices. One of the versions that works well with Windows CE 6.0 devices is iGO WinCE, WinMobile 5/6/6.1 & later . This version supports multiple resolutions, including 800x480 pixels.

To download iGO WinCE, WinMobile 5/6/6.1 & later, you can visit the following link: [GPS Power forum]. You will need to register and activate your account on the GPS Power forum to access the download link. After serving the captcha-input-string and before clicking on the download-file, please be sure to unmark Download faster with 180upload download accelerator.

Alternatively, you can also download iGO (27MAY2011)_NAVON - MultiRes or iGO (20APR2012)_NAVON - MultiRes from the following link: [GSM-Forum]. These versions are also compatible with Windows CE 6.0 devices and support multiple resolutions, including 800x480 pixels.

Step 2: Unpack the Archive

After downloading the iGO Primo archive, you will need to unpack it to the root of your SD card or resident flash memory. You can use any file extraction software that can handle ZIP or RAR files, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip.

The unpacked folder should contain the following files and folders:

  • iGO8.exe - the executable file that launches iGO Primo

  • content - the folder that contains maps, poi's, speedcams, buildings, etc.

  • license - the folder that contains license files for iGO Primo

  • save - the folder that contains user settings and preferences

  • sys.txt - the configuration file that controls various aspects of iGO Primo

  • ui_igo8 - the folder that contains user interface files for iGO Primo

Step 3: Put Your Maps and Other Content

The content folder is where you need to put your maps and other content files for iGO Primo. You can download maps and other content files from various sources online, such as GPS Power forum or Navitotal forum.

You will need to copy the content files to the corresponding subfolders in the content folder. For example, if you have a map file named "Europe_HERE_2020.Q2.fbl", you will need to copy it to the "content\map" subfolder.

You can also delete any content files that you don't need or use from the content folder to save space.

Step 4: Modify Your sys.txt File

The sys.txt file is where you can customize various settings and options for iGO Primo, such as language, skin, resolution, sound, etc.

You can open the sys.txt file with any text editor, such as Notepad, and edit the parameters according to your preferences.

For example, if you want to change the language of iGO Primo to Dutch, you will need to find the following line in the sys.txt file:


And change it to:


You can also change other parameters, such as skin, resolution, sound, etc. For more information on how to modify the sys.txt file, you can refer to the following link: [iGO Primo sys.txt Reference].

Step 5: Launch iGO Primo

After you have completed the previous steps, you are ready to launch iGO Primo on your Windows CE 6.0 device.

You can do this by inserting the SD card or connecting the resident flash memory to your device, and then executing the iGO8.exe file.

You should see the iGO Primo splash screen and then the main menu. You can now enjoy using iGO Primo on your Windows CE 6.0 device.


In this article, we have shown you how to download and install iGO Primo on your Windows CE 6.0 device with a resolution of 800x480 pixels. We hope that this article was helpful and informative for you.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.


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