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At the online shop of supermagnete, a large and varied assortment of different magnets and magnetic products awaits. It all started in 2003 with strong neodymium magnets, and they still rank among the most popular magnets at the supermagnete shop today. These magnets have an impressive adhesive force even at small sizes. This not only makes them quite fascinating but also enormously versatile in their use. We carry these magnets in various shapes and strengths: disc magnets, rod magnets, block magnets, cube magnets, ring magnets and magnetic spheres.

Ferrite magnets, on the other hand, are suitable for use at exceptionally high temperatures or outdoors. These magnets can be heated to 250 degrees without losing their adhesive force. Good to know: Ferrite magnets have less adhesive force than neodymium magnets of the same size.

Also in demand are pot magnets, which are great for mounting different objects. Rubberised magnet systems are especially recommended for use on delicate surfaces. In addition to these magnets, you can purchase products from special product ranges for offices and schools as well as industry and trade at supermagnete. In turn, supermagnete also offers you magnetic accessories and magnet products for your home, hobbies and DIY projects.

Modern manufacturing of magnets allows for a wide range of products that you can use for specific applications. For example, our magnetic tapes and magnetic sheets are great for organisation, presentation and creating tidy spaces. You can cut them to size and label them to fit your needs. Perfect for everyday office use are our office magnets, whiteboards and magnetic name tags.

Our fridge magnets and magnetic boards come in all possible shapes and are great for gift-giving and decorating. For the do-it-yourselfer, workshop magnets and magnetic paint offer ingenious solutions. You can buy these and other clever magnet products online at supermagnete.

Are you looking for magnets with certain specifications such as a particular magnetisation, adhesive force, thread size or colour for a specific purpose You will find a selection to match your search in our products grouped by themes.

Would you like to buy strong magnets for a specific project Let yourself be inspired by the huge collection of magnet projects from our customers. Or ask our friendly, multi-lingual customer service team for advice.

In addition to the large online shop, you will also find lots of useful information about magnets on the supermagnete website. On the FAQ page, you can, for example, find answers to the most frequently asked questions about magnets and the magnet shop. Would you like to calculate the adhesive force of certain magnets The useful adhesive force calculation tool can help you with that.

We deliver magnets to customers throughout Europe and handle more than 260.000 orders annually in our magnet shop. Our experience and huge inventory of more than 40 million super magnets as well as numerous other magnetic products make a quick delivery possible. Even large quantity orders are usually processed in a short amount of time.

Some of the most requested types of magnets are: magnets with hole, rectangular magnets, square magnets, permanent magnets, small magnets, strong magnets, super magnets, screw-in magnets and custom made magnets.

SuperMagneticShop is a distributor and manufacturer of magnets. We have millions of magnets in stock ready for fast delivery (same day if ordered before 12 noon). We provide premium quality magnets at the lowest prices.

You can contact us for custom made magnets and custom quotations. You can buy large or small magnets, in all shapes, with special coatings (zinc, rubber, epoxy and many others) and high degrees of magnetization: N35 neodymium magnets, N38 magnets, N40 magnets, N42 magnets, N45 magnets, N48 magnets, N50 magnets, up to N52 magnets.

SuperMagneticShop has been manufacturing magnets for 40 years with the highest quality standards. We have been sellin


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