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7g Rainbow Colony Tamil //FREE\\ Full Movie 155

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Following a second teaser, 7g rainbow colony tamil full movie 155 was released in Tamil Nadu theatres on 2 January 2021. Tickets were sold out at some theatres in the state, just hours after the release. The film released internationally on the same day, [223] but in a few countries, including the US and Canada, the film released at the end of January. [224] Its release was commercial, earning 16.60 crore from Tamil Nadu, as well as outside India, with earnings of approx. 10 crore from the US alone. [225] The film crossed the 50-crore mark in India. [226] It has netted about 38 crore in the international market, and also stood for around 5 crore in the domestic market. [227]

According to statistical records, 7g rainbow colony tamil full movie 155 earned around 50 crore within India, and its Tamil Nadu theatrical run continued for three more days, with the film's Tamil version earning about 30 crore. [228] The Teaser 2: Mister 7G became the second most popular video on YouTube in two days, with 14.3 million views in two days. [229] The dance video for the song '7g' topped the chart for two consecutive days. [230]

For a long time, the people were excited to watch a film in theatres, but with the COVID-19 outbreak in the world, the business of the Indian film industry and movie theatres has slumped. [165] Apart from the normal theatres, more than 30 states in India had cut the number of screening, theatres and cinema halls. [166] 3d9ccd7d82


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