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Anno 1404 Special Item Id List

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Anno 1404 Special Item Id List

Anno 1404: How to Find and Use Special Items

Anno 1404 is a city-building and economic simulation game that lets you explore and colonize a medieval world. You can trade with other civilizations, build monuments, and manage your resources. But did you know that you can also use special items to enhance your gameplay

Special items are upgrades that you can buy with honor points from the warehouses of Lord Richard Northburgh, Grand Vizier Al Zahir or Hassan ben Sahid. These items can give you various benefits, such as increasing your productivity, reducing your costs, expanding your influence area, granting you new fertilities, and more.

But how do you find and use these special items Here are some tips to help you out:

To buy special items, you need to unlock the attainment for each item category. You can do this by paying honor points to the corresponding NPC. For example, to buy productivity items, you need to unlock the attainment from Northburgh.

Each NPC has 12 items for sale at any time, organized into four tabs (peasant / citizen / patrician / nobleman) and three slots (left / middle / right). Each slot has a pool of available items, and each time the item selection is refreshed, the game picks one item at random from the pool and places it into the slot for sale.

You can refresh the item selection by paying honor points or by waiting for a certain amount of time. The refresh time depends on the difficulty level and the game speed. You can also use an item called "The Merchant's Letter" to refresh the selection instantly.

To use an item, you need to place it in the cargo of a ship or in the strongbox of a warehouse. If the item affects a ship, you simply put it in the ship's cargo and left-click it. This will move the item into the ship's action slot. If the item has to be activated in order to work, left-click it while it is in the action slot, and confirm that you want to use the item by pressing the check-mark button.

If the item affects a building, a production line or a fertility, you need to place it in the strongbox of the warehouse on the island you want to affect. Once the item is in strongbox storage, right-clicking it will place it in an action slot. If the item has a passive effect, it will begin working right away. If it needs to be activated, left-click on it, then confirm via the check button that you want to activate the item.

Some items have a duration or a cooldown. You can see how much time is left for an item by hovering over its icon in the action slot. You can also remove an item from an action slot by right-clicking it.

Some of the most useful items in Anno 1404 are:

The fertility items that can allow you to grow different crops on different islands, such as "The Sultan's Seeds" or "The Emperor's Seeds".

The items that expand the range of buildings that provide public services, such as "The Bishop's Mitre" or "The Grand Vizier's Turban".

The items that reduce your trade taxes or increase your storage capacity, such as "The Merchant's Guild Seal" or "The Master Builder's Plan".

The items that improve your diplomacy or prestige, such as "The Imperial Banner" or "The Sultan's Banner".

The items that enhance your naval combat or exploration, such as "The Legendary Sextant" or "The Imperial Letter of Marque".

You can find a complete list of all special items and their effects on this wiki page. You can also use an ID assigned to every item to cheat and get any item you want. However, this is not recommended as it can ruin your enjoyment of the game.

Anno 1404 is a game that offers many possibilities and challenges. By using special items wisely, you can make your gameplay more fun and rewarding. Try them out and see what they can do for you! 248dff8e21


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