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Utagoe Acapella Making Software Downloadinstmank

Utagoe Acapella Making Software Download

If you love singing and want to create your own acapella tracks, you might be interested in Utagoe software. Utagoe is a program that can invert a song with its instrumental version to extract the vocals. You can use Utagoe to make acapella versions of your favorite songs, remix them, or create mashups. In this article, we will show you how to download and use Utagoe software.

What is Utagoe?

Utagoe is a Japanese word that means "singing voice". It is also the name of a software developed by TODAKEN in 2009. Utagoe is a vocal extractor that uses phase inversion to cancel out the sounds from the instrumentals. This leaves you with only the vocals of the song. Utagoe is not 100% effective, but it does a pretty good job of extracting the vocals. You will need the exact instrumentals used in the song to use Utagoe. This is because Utagoe works by aligning the inverted waveform of the instrumental to the original track. You can't use fanmade instrumentals because they don't have the exact waveforms of the original track.

utagoe acapella making software downloadinstmank

How to download Utagoe?

You can download Utagoe for free from [Internet Archive]. The file size is about 3 MB and it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. You will need to unzip the file and run the setup.exe file to install Utagoe on your computer. You will also need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher to run Utagoe.

How to use Utagoe?

To use Utagoe, you will need two files: the original song and its instrumental version. They should be in WAV format and have the same sample rate and bit depth. You can convert other audio formats to WAV using online tools or software like Audacity. You should also make sure that the instrumental version is exactly the same as the original song, without any changes in tempo, pitch, or volume.

Once you have the two files ready, follow these steps to make an acapella with Utagoe:

  • Open Utagoe and click on "ファイル" (File) and then "開く" (Open). Select the original song file and click "開く" (Open).

  • Click on "ファイル" (File) again and then "インストゥルメンタルを開く" (Open Instrumental). Select the instrumental version of the song and click "開く" (Open).

  • Click on "処理" (Process) and then "歌声抽出" (Extract Vocals). Utagoe will start processing the files and show you a progress bar.

  • When the processing is done, you will see a message saying "歌声抽出完了" (Vocal Extraction Completed). Click "OK".

  • Click on "ファイル" (File) and then "保存" (Save). Choose a name and location for your acapella file and click "保存" (Save).

  • You can now play your acapella file with any media player or edit it with any audio editing software.

You can also watch this [YouTube video] for a visual tutorial on how to use Utagoe.


Utagoe is a simple and useful software for making acapella tracks from songs with instrumentals. You can download it for free from [Internet Archive] and use it with any Windows computer. You will need to have the exact instrumentals of the songs you want to make acapella versions of. You can use Utagoe to create your own remixes, mashups, or covers of songs. Have fun with Utagoe and unleash your creativity!


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