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The Addams Family Cartoon Episod ~UPD~


Unlike most of the Scooby-Doo characters, there are no ghosts or ghouls (except for the dog) in the Addams Family. The family's home is an old family estate and the only ghosts are the ones which haunt the Addamses themselves. In the episode, the gang visit Wednesday's house on the hill and find it empty except for the living cat left behind by its owner. After the gang return home, the cat appears and reveals that he is a spirit living in a new body. He says he has chosen to appear in a new body due to the fact that the deceased Addamses were too hideous to inhabit them any longer. He pleads with the gang to help him regain his old body, which he says he misses. When they refuse, he takes off his new, dead skin and returns to his old body.

The rest of the Addams Family eventually become aware of Friday's arrival when the other parts of the family go to visit. It becomes clear that the deceased Addamses were indeed hideous, for their pets all flee in horror as they enter the house.

One of the few subtleties that sets Wednesday apart from the rest of the family is the fact that Morticia Addams is the most emotionally vulnerable of the lot, and her character development is one of the most dynamic in the show. The writers were able to do this mainly due to the fact that Wednesday is the only female character, and is the child of the only adult couple in the family. Morticia grows to be very protective of Wednesday in the first season, and the writers were able to write all sorts of things into her character to make her more relatable to audience. She is very much a mother figure to Wednesday, and is something of a mentor to her. Morticia also harbors a lot of resentment towards her brother-in-law Gomez, because of his various and repeated affairs. She tries to settle these scores in several episodes, and even tries to go back to him at one point, which she never quite manages.

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