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Tomo Fujita Accelerate Your Guitar Playing Pdf 28

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Tomo Fujita Accelerate Your Guitar Playing Pdf 28

yes it works!!! Mike Caruso has developed a simple approach to mastering the guitar neck. if you are disciplined and practice regularly using his method you will find yourself playing better than ever. the freedom I found in improvising after working on the Natural Approach is amazing. if you are serious about the guitar I would highly recommend spending some time with the Natural Approach. playing before using the Natural Approach was like reading without knowing half the alphabet...

I've worked through The Natural Approach and personally found it to be probably the most effective guitar course I have ever studied. If you are diligent and work through the exercises, you learn that he's not teaching you scales or making you memorize fingerings etc. He's planting the fingerboard in your brain. I had been plugging away at it for some time and out of the blue I had one of the moments. I realized..."I've got it. I understand where he's coming from". I realized I could do solos all over the neck in any key. It really is a very very cool approach. Like anything that's worthwhile, you have to practice at it, but the results are huge and hit you all at once. It's proven very effective for me. I play lead in a rock cover band and it's worked miracles for my sols and jamming. I strongly recommend it if you're interested in being a better improviser.

I have been playing guitar for 28 years. For many years I struggled with other methods and arcane instruction on learning music. I was fortunate to have other skilled guitarists show me some things but I realized that I was going nowhere fast. I discovered Mike Caruso 153554b96e


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