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WASHINGTON (TIME, Oct. 27) -- Where's Jane Fonda I occasionally wonder as I consider tapingover my Prime Time Workout cassette to record ER. She's beenbasking happily the past six years in the shadow of her mogulhusband Ted Turner (vice chairman of Time Warner), watching thebuffalo roam and writing a cookbook (perhaps the only one with asection on eating disorders). Now, however, she has left thedeer stand (she hunts with Ted) and returned to the klieglights. What lured her was a pressing need -- to reduce teenpregnancy -- and an enemy, conservative Republicans who attachedstrings to $250 million for sex education; to get the money,schools must preach "abstinence only" to young people. Say theword condom, and you don't get a cent.

Her below-the-waist philosophy got a huge lift from a justcompleted study comparing 7,000 New York City kids who gotcondoms with 6,000 in Chicago who didn't; among the New Yorkersthere was an increase not in the amount of sex but only in thesafety of it. Come November, she will field a team to make 27Georgia clinics "teen friendly." "You need to have young staff,be open evenings and not confront girls with a pelvic beforethey're comfortable," she says. "When we reduce teen pregnancyby 25%, the rest of the country will want to follow."

It's hard to think of a better use of celebrity than savingteenagers from ruining their lives, even if the celebrity comeswith more baggage than could ever fit in an overhead bin. Whilethe rest of us have shed our antiwar activism along with ourbell bottoms, images of Fonda in her shag cut in Hanoi, alongwith stills of her as the sex kitten Barbarella, are the staplesof every profile. But because we didn't let her grow up, she mayhave greater appeal to vulnerable teenagers than the icyperfection of a Nancy Reagan urging, "Just say no!"

As she picks up a large piece of chocolate cake, Fonda says thatexercise, once an obsession, has become "a sidebar." "I'll be 60in December," she pronounces with the honesty only someone wholooks 40 could bring to the subject. Being happily married hasfreed her to discover a satisfying life beyond the gym and thesilver screen, she says. Cutting teen pregnancy is a big part ofit. Newt & Co., watch out.

It might sound like it would be easy, but purring like a sex kitten is actually harder than it looks. It takes more than just sex appeal. You have to have a certain something that makes you irresistible to those around you, but not unapproachable or arrogant at the same time.

A sex kitten is a girl who is super-confident and loves herself. So, do you need to work on the relationship you have with yourself That means identifying your strengths and focusing on those a little more.

So what do you think Are you a glamorous sex doll in the making or are you an experienced sex kitten who gets anything done with a little snap of her fingers and a peek of her cleavage

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The 1980s were full of robots, lasers, odd fashion choices, and teen films, including the now cult film Chopping Mall (watch it Here). In this 1986 sci-fi film, a group of teenage friends and mall ...

According to the CDC, school-based activities can make a profound difference in the lives of teens with a relatively small infusion of support to schools. Schools can take evidence-based steps to foster the knowledge, skills, and support needed to help prevent and reduce the negative impact of violence and other trauma and improve mental health, especially by utilizing trusted adults and trained teachers and staff to help foster school connectedness. 59ce067264


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