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While leaving from there, a villager brought his daughter for treatment thinking it's a DUMA(ghost) but, as per diagnosis it was found out to be Malaria. His associates informed him there are about 151 villages under the PHC all around in remote hilly terrains where people aren't interested to come to hospital as they treat their diseases by exorcism. Siddharth decides to spread awareness in the villages. By the help of some locals he first went to a village and approach them to take free Malaria tests. In the other village he was unable to save a girl from exorcism as she died. Determined to eradicate malaria he himself visits all the villages providing test kits and medication. During his visit to a certain village, the naxalites hijacked the village where Sidhharth and Ravindra carried a pregnant lady for 10 km where he was unsuccessful to take her to Malkangiri hospital due to unavailability of boat to cross a river, then decided to take her to his PHC where delivery successfully done. Soon he realised villagers need mosquito nets. He met the CDMO to approach DM to provide funds. Somehow he is successful in his mission.

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