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A life can be divided into two realms: the realm of materiality, which exists only because we are made of it, and the realm of spirit, which exists independently of our materiality. The time we spend in spirit is the one that exists between death and birth, yet it is also the infinite potential we have to be liberated from our outer limitations. This book embodies the unbounded concept that the human being is spirit as well as matter, and that the two can and should experience each other in a continuous and lasting communion. Dr. Chopra, the author of seven worldwide best-selling books, has discovered that the spiritual path is intimately interconnected with the body's natural program for healing, and that spiritual practice can dramatically speed up the body's recovery from illness.

Possibly better than the secrets of the stars and the dead, there are people who have secrets of their own that no one else knows. The secrets of the spiritual realm, and some of them are as secret as secrets get . In this enlightening book Deepak Chopra brings the invisible dimensions of life into the heart and mind. By transcending the material plane of experience, we can release our obstacles to becoming the creators we were meant to be. Powerful, revelatory, and convincing, The Seventh Level sets the stage for an extraordinary personal transformation. In this enlightened work Dr. Chopra reveals how our physical existence is inextricably linked with the nonphysical realms of spirit and how these realities are among the most powerful forces in the universe. This book will teach you how to tap into the infinite potential that lies hidden within you, which can liberate you from the limitations that confine you today. By opening your mind to this powerful knowledge, you will become capable of transcending your own limitations. 3d9ccd7d82


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