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Facebook LiveStream Interview with "Charlando entre guitarras" 11/22/2020 9pm CST time.

Rene Sagnelli is going to get interviewed in Facebook via Live Stream, in which he will be revealing career tales, gear, and everything you need to get to know each other more intimately!

Hop in and ask whatever you want and be part of the hype! Like/Follow his FB Page to be part of it!

LANGUAGE: SPANISH (This time at least!)

- Sunday. November 22nd. 9pm CST

Mark Your calendars!
60,000 people festival
Rene Sagnelli Uses His Voice to encourage the life of 60,000 people!

"50k Lions of Justice Festival was an extraordinary experience that fulfilled all of my dreams, so far." (click here for resources). ~ Said Guitarist Rene Sagnelli. "It was a festival supported by celebrities like Katy Perry, Michel Obama, who actually spoke in the festival, and how could I ever forget the small but huge detail which is Jazz legend Herbie Hancock performing 10 minutes before I come out to the Stadium's Stage and share the same floor in which he step 10 minutes ago!

The roar and cheer of a packed stadium is something I will never forget, the energy! And of course the pride of contributing for the sake of world peace!

Turned into a star as an actor
Rene Sagnell's shows up to famous TV show "Caso Cerrado" before ALL Latin America!

"Few know this but I actually appeared in TV for all Latin-america to see, Living in LA, you never know who you become friends with, so I was offered to fly to Miami Florida, all paid for, hotel, flight, luxury food, limo to the studios and rehearsed a few times in the hotel (click to see actual footage)   

After the show's episode went live a few of my friends and family called me asking what the hell have I gotten myself into this time haha!, but it is all scripted, none of the cases appearing in that TV show are real, sorry!"

touring internationally
Rene Sagnell's becomes the best guitar player in the tribute band scene!

"I remember my first year after graduating Musicians Institute, it was a rough one! But then I noticed an audition opportunity for a Metallica Tribute band, and I love Metallica specially when I was a teenager, so I already knew the songs, I nailed the audition so hard, the other 100 guitar players were left waiting for a call! Sorry! And with all my connections at MI, in no time, we were being showcased at billboards, and remember I lived in Mexico City for a while? Well in no time we were having shows at Mexico and even Canada! We even opened for Slayer at the Hard tock Casino in Las Vegas!, played at LA Coliseum, and the most important Casinos across the US!"

(Click here for LA Times review) (Click here for Frequency Entertainment Review)

part of mi's success stories
Rene Sagnell is one of the few privileged to be in that list!

"It is a privilege to be part of Musician´s Institute Success Stories, I love that school, and I think it has a lot of recognition and a lot of big names and big artists have either studied there or graduated. Every single MI alumni is someone in the music industry or has achieved something remarkable, but now everyone get's to be part of MI's success stories"

(Click here for references)

MI SS.png
MI SS 2.png
crushing the namm show
Rene Sagnell's becomes the top 8 ponytails of the NAMM Show!

"Whoever did this is a funny person, I think it's an ongoing thing! They do this every year! I ALWAYS  have a GREAT time at NAMM Shows, I like how people are so excited and making so many friends and sharing so many music and technological pioneering!"

(Click here for resources)

appearing in magazines
Rene Sagnell's is recognized and appears in magazines across all Latin America!

"Well I never do things to get recognition but I guess things add up and then people start noticing you, Creación de Valores Humanos (CVH) is a magazine that is distributed to all Spanish speaking people, and it bases itself in cultural events, that's why I was asked to share my experience and career"

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