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Atlas Of Human Brain Connections Catani Pdf Download UPD

Atlas Of Human Brain Connections Catani Pdf Download ===

As in the case of the function, the neuroanatomy of the human brain also varies considerably between individuals. In particular, the aberrant connectivity patterns that may happen, at any time during the life period, can have a long-lasting impact on cognitive and behavioral performance, creating a wide spectrum of neurodevelopmental disease states [Sanfilipo et al., 2014]. As in the case of brain function, the variety of observed phenotypes--ranging from cognitive impairment to autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions--has historically been attributed to differences in brain anatomy. This assumption has been strengthened by accumulating evidence indicating anatomical abnormalities in brain regions connecting to phenotypes that survived the mental challenges of modern Homo Sapiens civilization.

In addition to placing an emphasis on phenotypic differences, it would be even more crucial to investigate the influence of individual differences in the human connectome on the performance of cognitive and behavioral tasks. Furthermore, as the brain is not only a physical organ but an active organ with high plasticity, it is important to investigate both its organic and functional organization with the largest possible scope, drawing on the techniques of imaging neuroimaging, human genetics, brain stimulation, behavioral psychology, psychiatry, and neurodevelopmental diseases

Connectivity from any brain location to any other location could be reconstructed using diffusion-weighted MR data and probabilistic tractography. On average, fibers connecting Brodmann areas could be traced

Although white matter pathways reveal high-level brain function, they also play the important physical role of connecting gray matter regions to other gray matter regions. Indeed, brain structures are functionally and anatomically organized into groups of interconnected regions that contain specific, specialized types of neurons [Marblestone and Kandel, 2012, Nature Reviews, 10, 428 - 439. Fouquet and Roitman, 2015]. As exemplified by a broad variety of neuropathologies observed at clinical, genetic, and histological levels, it is crucial to understand how these elements are wired. d2c66b5586


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