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Potion Craft is an alchemist simulator where you physically interact with your tools and ingredients to brew potions. You're in full control of the whole shop: invent new recipes, attract customers and experiment to your heart's content. Just remember: the whole town is counting on you.

Potion Craft is an adorable cozy game where the player is an alchemist setting up shop and winning over the public! You'll make all sorts of potions by combining fantastical ingredients.

Who knew crafting potions involved so much guesswork As you get your footing as the village's new alchemist, you might find yourself struggling to discover all the potions you can create in Potion Craft. Unlocking each potion and its effects can take quite a bit of trial and error, with a sprinkling of ingenuinity.

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator is an indie game developed by niceplay games and published by tinyBuild Games. In this single-player potion-making simulator, there are some aspects of RPG gameplay. It's a hand-drawn production with a unique graphic design that introduces us to the life of a local medieval alchemist.

Because there are few available potion games, it provides us with the unique mechanics and gameplay of a potion-maker who assists the residents of a provincial town based on their needs. This best-selling alchemist game with sandbox-style gameplay has received great reviews from both critics and players for its simple yet distinctive playability.

Potion Craft is an alchemical sandbox, in which you work as a local potion-maker. The gameplay is based on brewing concoctions that will help (or not) aid-seeking customers. Mix ingredients with powders and salts and find new recipes to have a choice of being a trustworthy alchemist, a greedy scoundrel, or an unethical occultist wannabe.

To be a profitable alchemist, you run a shop that sells your magical products. From a wide range of ingredients including berries, minerals, flowers, and more, brew desired potions using tolls such as mortars, cauldrons, complex glass equipment, and stock your shop with chosen vials of different colors. Prepare yourself to not only earn but to spend a large supply of money as it is an expensive business to be in. To make the most profit, bargain with a traveling salesperson and haggle with your desperate customers.

When you only know how to create the most basic of draughts, potion-making may be tedious and exhausting. That is why it is important to perform intriguing experiments to not only keep the art exciting but also to progress and become a master alchemist. There's also the option of receiving recipes from satisfied customers. Explore the Alchemy map for a variety of effects to use in your concoctions. Whether you want to heal, poison, or make somebody invisible, you have the power to do so.

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator comes to us from the developers at niceplay games and the publishers at tinyBuild. It came out on December 13, 2022 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. In this game, you play an alchemist that gets to tinker with all sorts of ingredients, tools, and various recipes to try to attract customers to buy your potions. Creativity is a priority in this game as you attempt to become a lucrative alchemist in a fantasy fiction world.

Any frequent Steam users feeling burnt out by combat-focused games and particularly fans of crafting simulators will more than likely find it worthwhile to check out both Strange Horticulture and Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator. Though both of these clever indie games utilize a different approach to story and mechanics, the end goal is the same and is sure to appeal to any aspiring alchemist looking to brew potions and keep shop.

We know them from games like Diablo or World of Warcraft: Healing and other potions on every corner. But someone has to make them. This is where Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator comes into play to meet the never-ending need.

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